Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bros Beer Night Out - Porter Beer Bar in L5P Part 2

Round 2 for me and round 3 for Corby. He'll post about his experience with the Allagash Curieux. It is  triple aged in Jim Beam barrels.  'Nuff said

My 2nd round was Breury Tradewinds Tripel from California. All I can say is that of the ones we tasted tonight it is my favorite. Tradewinds is made with rice in place of candy sugar and some Thai basil was added for spice. Not to dry and very smooth texture. Slight hop and with minimal malt overtones. With an 8% abv it goes down way too easy. One of the most exotic beers on PBB's list but I must say that C and W like very much.

We also tasted the Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet which was very light, and had a strong fruity/flowery aroma (pear and cloves).  We both felt it lacked a any hop aroma or flavor. However, it was really light, dry, and clean after taste. With a 9% abv and because it is a high fruit aroma/flavor beer, it is going to sneak up on some folks.

Bros Beer Night - Porter Beer Bar L5P

Corby and William are out at one of America's top 100 beer bars: Atlanta's own Porter Beer Bar in Little 5 Points. With 30 craft beers on tap you got every style and flavor to try to your hearts content. You can also sample the drafts to find the right one for you.

Tonight we sampled a Nongne Two Captains from Norway, Van Steenberge Gulden Draak from Belgium, Left Hand Twin Sisters from Colorado, Left Hand Week Sauce from Colorado and an Alagash Curieux from Maine. Big shout out to Joe And Justin for taking care of us tonight.

We both picked the Two Captains (below) to start with. Awesome color and great aroma. You can smell the grapefruit, cherry, brown sugar and a slight hint pine. Excellent over the tongue. I like the slightly sweet aftertaste while Corby enjoyed the bitter finish. It was all good going down with an 8.5% abv.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 7 Brew Day

 Brew days: Tend to be a  long days but well worth it. The following pictures were from the 2nd fermentation phase and bottling. The "Hair of the Dog" batch, an American ale,  was a medium body ale with some citrus tones. Could have some more hops for a solid kick but was pretty good for a first batch. The 2nd brew was a dark ale we called "Jackson Blue 4 Thirteen." This was a dark ale but not quite stout and had carmalized smokey coffee tones with a little kick ...bourban chips.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lost Years - Red Brick Brewing

When I first smelled this, I thought I smelled Jim Beam and I was right. Red brick decided to take a red ale and age in Jim Beam soaked barrel. Great flavor for Jim Beam fans and a 9 abv. Strong overtones of Jim Beam and great aroma. Very other dry/smooth over the tongue, no tartness and a slightly bitter kick in the back of the tongue. Overall a very good beer, so good that we had 2.

Red Brick Brewery Tour

Corby and I checking out Red Brick this week. Opened 1993, 1st brewery to open after prohibition. Moved from Williams St. In 2005.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Corby's Hair Of the Dog

Trying Corby's Hair Of The Dog pale ale. Don't ask why it's called the hair if the dog. Pretty good hop aroma and solid carbonation. Great start for the Brothers that Brew. Good flavor, no bitterness, good texture so smooth on the tongue, little hazy. Easy drinking 5.5% abv Pale Ale.

Corby's Birthday Dinner

After beer tasting and tour at Red Hare, a stop for Red Ale Recipe at Hop City, grabbing some pie at Antico.

Red Hare Brewery Tour

Getting schooled on Red Hare's brewing process. Walking us through brewing. Canning and kegging. One of the few craft brewers that cans. Cans recycled more than bottles.

Red Hare Brewing

Kev, Corby, and I visited and toured Red Hare Brewery in Marietta, GA. Trying different brews.