Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Adventures in Beer: Austin, Texas - Craft Pride

Alright y’all, I made it to Austin, Texas on a mission for the next four days to go deep into Austin’s craft beer scene while doing some good at SXSWedu. I’ve survived Zilker Brewing, Hops & Grain Brewing, so obviously next up is Craft Pride a Texas only beer, beer bar.  

A 20 minute walk from my residence, Firehouse Hostel & Lounge, it’s in the trendy part of Austin next to music and dance clubs. Although I missed it’s 4 year anniversary party on Saturday, they had a few left overs that I needed to try. With 54 taps and over 200 bottles in the bottle shop, they have a strong beer pedigree. Oh, and there’s pizza on the back patio from Via 313, that I might have to hit up at the end of the night. Crazy thing, I’ve had more pizza than tacos in Austin. I’ll need to fix that tomorrow.

Tonight Emmanuel got me going with the Buffalo Bayou Cedar Aged More Cowbell. A big malty beer that clocked in at 9.1% ABV. Smooth to a fault but with a strong bitter bite, it was the beginning of a good night. I now know I’m not allergic to cedar. Next up was High Sign Double IPA which kept that feel good momentum going, especially at 9.5% ABV. A well balanced double IPA that was so good goin down. Much props to Hi Sign, a veteran (Marine) owned brewery, on this one. After these two it got real.

Emmanuel then got to pick 4 from the anniversary party this past weekend and the standouts in his crazy beer mind. I don’t know where to begin as it was all off the chain. Deep Ellum Darkest Hour 2015 was first up. Deep dark and a smooth sweetness it brought the power at 9%. Next up was Strange Land Old North Road (8.9% ABV), an English style strong ale with vanilla and aged on rum-soaked oak. An earthiness from the oak complimented the big flavor brought by the malt and vanilla.  This was followed by the Real Ale Benedictum a brown ale sour with cherries that gave it a tart punch.

Out of all that goodness my fav was the Blue Owl Lord Admiral Gravitas (9% ABV). I dig big time big sours. It clocked in at 9.0% ABV (i’m gonna brew one of these soon). Tart and oatmeal stout smooth, it is my first barrel aged sour imperial stout. I like, I like it alot. Blue Owl I might have to hit y’all up before I go if you got more of this.

Great night at Craft Pride. A local beer, beer bar done right, style first and foremost. Emmanuel treated a brotha right at Craft Pride. Craft Pride Austin is the must stop Beer Bar.


Adventures in Beer: Austin, Texas - Hops & Grain Brewing

Alright y’all, I made it to Austin, Texas on a mission for the next four days to go deep into Austin’s craft beer scene while doing some good at SXSWedu. I’ve survived Zilker next up is Hops & Grain Brewing.

This time I took the Metro, $1.25 later and a 2 block walk I ended up at the end of 6th and Calles where I’m meeting new friends at Hops & Grain Brewing. When I walk in the Pink Boots Society of Austin is having a meeting and the ladies turned it out. I learned there is a 2 year old that has visited more breweries than me. I guess I got some splanin to do...

The bar is a classic tiered style and I had give props to the Notorious BIG painting on the wall. Josh Harris opened this place nearly 6 years ago, with a dream of a totally sustainable brewing operation, everything is reused or recycled (spent grain becomes dog biscuits, non-standard beer becomes soap, etc). Hops & Grain is opening a second location in San Marcos in 2017

Michael started me off with their staples, The One They Call Zoe. A pale lager that eases one into the H & G vibe. Clessie (who also knows jiu jitsu fellas) followed that up with A Pale Mosiac, that brought big flavor to this india pale ale. This eased me into the Experimental flight that was a pleasant surprise when I arrived. H & G is working with the University of Oregon on some of their experimental hops! So I got Experimental #1-#4 and it was fun to try the new hops. Alright, to save some time #1 & #2 were lacking in bitterness and hop intensity. #3 was the real beer hop with great aroma, citrusy flavor. and the best of the bunch. #4 was ok, mild hop bitterness, slight juicyness, but lacking overall. All the beer was well made, with great clarity and showed great consistency in quality.

So if you’re ever in the Texas A, Hops & Grain should be on the shortlist of breweries that shouldn’t be missed. There is even a Brett Sour on the way. Y’all keep doing what you’re doing! Big thanks to Michael and Clessie for the love today.

William Teasley

Monday, March 6, 2017

Adventures in Beer: Austin, Texas - Zilker Brewing

Alright y’all, I made it to Austin, Texas on a mission for the next four days to go deep into Austin’s craft beer scene while doing some good at SXSWedu. I’m going native, which means I’m “ballin on a budget” to do all the good stuff without breaking the bank. 

First up is Zilker Brewing Company. I walked from downtown to this spot on East 6th which helped increase my thirst on the way. The neighborhood is cool, eclectic, latin funk, and just plain funk. Cool thing Zilker is all about the beer. The layout and ambiance was chill but very cool. Even on a Sunday, big crowd and everyone is having a good time. I really dig the Zilker paneling above the taps. Marco and Jason started this place 2 years ago, with a lot of support for their ever evolving dream and their 15 barrel brewhouse and 7 fermenters. Zilker is primed to grow. 

Austin started me off with Nothin But A “C” Thang IPA. Dry hopped with the Cs (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, & Crystal) it was a flavor bomb with bitterness that didn’t overwhelm the palate. Next, the lovely Katelin brings the taste extravaganza. All I can say is Excellente! All the beer was well made and showed great consistency in quality. I started in the center with the Marco, they’re Mainstay IPA that also set the tone for the others, create color, carbonation, lacing and packed with flavor. Next up was the seasonal Trapp Marco, fermented with Trappist yeast, that had a boozy fruitiness to it. Slightly maltier than the Marco, the Trapp stands on its own.

Made my way to the Coffee Milk Stout, of which a portion of sales go to the Mothers’ Milk Bank. Smooth, subtly sweet, and balanced coffee made this stout easy to drink. The Elfie Sunshine, is Zilker’s Imperial Coffee Milk Stout on some cocoa nibs. At 8% is the biggest beer on the menu and the flavors play well together. Finishing up with Rare Candy,  the kettle sour with great aroma of apricot and a smooth fruit tartness. This was the way to go out. Then got a taste of the Murderino, the cap to an awesome time at Zilker. 

So if you’re ever in the Texas A, definitely make Zilker a stop that can’t be missed. There is even a Brett Sour on the way. Y’all keep doing what you’re doing! Big thanks to Marco, Austin, and Katelin for the love today.
William Teasley - BTB William 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

BTB at Blue Tarp

On a cold winter's day Jason and I made our way to Blue Tarp Brewing in Decatur, GA. This brewery is located close to the border of Avondale Estates and is literally around the corner from Three Taverns Brewing Co.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tour of BSG Craft Brewing Warehouse

Corby and I were fortunate enough to get a tour Brewer's Supply Group (BSG) Craft Brewing Warehouse where we were hosted by Thomas Krepsky and Bernard Copper. The also have RJ Spagns wine kits. Big shout out to Tom and Bernard for taking the time to walk us through their huge warehouse (with around 40 employees) off of Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

Since 2004 BSG has become a dependable source for diverse ingredients from around the world for craft brewing. BSG searches the globe for new and interesting brewing ingredients for American custom. Exclusive specialty malts, in-demand hop varieties, or premium brewing aids BSG has them. 

We got to see some really cool stuff, especially if you are a beer head like us. They had grains, hops, yeasts, extracts, equipment and several items from across the globe. Everything a beer (and wine) maker would need. 

BSG supplies many of the Southeast's regional craft breweries, brewpubs and home brewer supply shops and does not do individual sales, i.e. it only supplies manufacturers and retail outlets, you can't go buy a 50 lbs bag of grain directly from them. BSG also carries a variety of wine making kits that it supplies to wine shops and other interested shops. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brothers at Jailhouse Brewing

Corby, Kev and I headed down to Hampton, GA to visit our new friends at Jailhouse Brewing Co. The first thing we liked was the building, a converted historic jail for Hampton is now a brewery. The folks there were great. Kevin, Brad and John showed us the ropes of Jailhouse's approach to beer. 

On tap for tasting was Jailhouse's Slammer Wheat, Misdemeanor Ale, Mugshot IPA, and the Breakout Stout. All we really, really good the Wheat was really smooth and had a good flavor. Had a Cellmate which is a Mugshot and Breakout, which knocks of the bitterness of the Mugshot. Cool combo of really good, clean tasting beers. 

We got all giddy over the Conjugal Visit which was tapped as we were walking out the door. It was by unanimous decision our overall favorite of the day. This was the 2nd to lay brew for it in 2014 so we were fortunate to have a taste. Great flavor and hop notes. The CG was a great ending to our visit to Jailhouse Brewing. Cool thing is we may be back but we will have to work on our beards.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

29 Things You Should Know About Beer, For National American Beer Day (INFOGRAPHIC) - Huffington Post

From the Huffington Post

October 27 is National American Beer Day (which sort of begs the question, why would it be anything other than "National," but we digress)! To celebrate we are, of course, going to drink some beer. Perhaps a craft beer, perhaps a beer cocktail, but definitely not a Hello Kitty Beer.
If you, like us, love to celebrate this brilliant invention whenever you get the excuse, it may help to know some little-known facts about beer, to show off. For example: do you know why beer frequently comes in brown bottles? Do you know who was the first American President to brew beer in the White House? Do you know how much beer the average American consumes in a year? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in the infographic below. Happy beering!
29 interesting facts of beer
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