Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Adventures in Beer: Austin, Texas - Hops & Grain Brewing

Alright y’all, I made it to Austin, Texas on a mission for the next four days to go deep into Austin’s craft beer scene while doing some good at SXSWedu. I’ve survived Zilker next up is Hops & Grain Brewing.

This time I took the Metro, $1.25 later and a 2 block walk I ended up at the end of 6th and Calles where I’m meeting new friends at Hops & Grain Brewing. When I walk in the Pink Boots Society of Austin is having a meeting and the ladies turned it out. I learned there is a 2 year old that has visited more breweries than me. I guess I got some splanin to do...

The bar is a classic tiered style and I had give props to the Notorious BIG painting on the wall. Josh Harris opened this place nearly 6 years ago, with a dream of a totally sustainable brewing operation, everything is reused or recycled (spent grain becomes dog biscuits, non-standard beer becomes soap, etc). Hops & Grain is opening a second location in San Marcos in 2017

Michael started me off with their staples, The One They Call Zoe. A pale lager that eases one into the H & G vibe. Clessie (who also knows jiu jitsu fellas) followed that up with A Pale Mosiac, that brought big flavor to this india pale ale. This eased me into the Experimental flight that was a pleasant surprise when I arrived. H & G is working with the University of Oregon on some of their experimental hops! So I got Experimental #1-#4 and it was fun to try the new hops. Alright, to save some time #1 & #2 were lacking in bitterness and hop intensity. #3 was the real beer hop with great aroma, citrusy flavor. and the best of the bunch. #4 was ok, mild hop bitterness, slight juicyness, but lacking overall. All the beer was well made, with great clarity and showed great consistency in quality.

So if you’re ever in the Texas A, Hops & Grain should be on the shortlist of breweries that shouldn’t be missed. There is even a Brett Sour on the way. Y’all keep doing what you’re doing! Big thanks to Michael and Clessie for the love today.

William Teasley

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