Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tour of BSG Craft Brewing Warehouse

Corby and I were fortunate enough to get a tour Brewer's Supply Group (BSG) Craft Brewing Warehouse where we were hosted by Thomas Krepsky and Bernard Copper. The also have RJ Spagns wine kits. Big shout out to Tom and Bernard for taking the time to walk us through their huge warehouse (with around 40 employees) off of Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

Since 2004 BSG has become a dependable source for diverse ingredients from around the world for craft brewing. BSG searches the globe for new and interesting brewing ingredients for American custom. Exclusive specialty malts, in-demand hop varieties, or premium brewing aids BSG has them. 

We got to see some really cool stuff, especially if you are a beer head like us. They had grains, hops, yeasts, extracts, equipment and several items from across the globe. Everything a beer (and wine) maker would need. 

BSG supplies many of the Southeast's regional craft breweries, brewpubs and home brewer supply shops and does not do individual sales, i.e. it only supplies manufacturers and retail outlets, you can't go buy a 50 lbs bag of grain directly from them. BSG also carries a variety of wine making kits that it supplies to wine shops and other interested shops. 

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