Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brothers at Jailhouse Brewing

Corby, Kev and I headed down to Hampton, GA to visit our new friends at Jailhouse Brewing Co. The first thing we liked was the building, a converted historic jail for Hampton is now a brewery. The folks there were great. Kevin, Brad and John showed us the ropes of Jailhouse's approach to beer. 

On tap for tasting was Jailhouse's Slammer Wheat, Misdemeanor Ale, Mugshot IPA, and the Breakout Stout. All we really, really good the Wheat was really smooth and had a good flavor. Had a Cellmate which is a Mugshot and Breakout, which knocks of the bitterness of the Mugshot. Cool combo of really good, clean tasting beers. 

We got all giddy over the Conjugal Visit which was tapped as we were walking out the door. It was by unanimous decision our overall favorite of the day. This was the 2nd to lay brew for it in 2014 so we were fortunate to have a taste. Great flavor and hop notes. The CG was a great ending to our visit to Jailhouse Brewing. Cool thing is we may be back but we will have to work on our beards.

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