Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bros Toured Monday Night Brewing

Kevin, Corby, and William visited Monday Night Brewing to taste, tour and meet some new prospective members of the Brothers that Brew community. When we arrived, there was multiple alumni events going in and a whole bunch a people. 

Initially there were long, but fairly quick line that were unusual for a Thursday.  Monday Night rents out the place for events so this is to be expected sometimes.  Good people interacting and William ran into an old friend as well.

On tap was a Scotch Ale, Double IPA, IPA and a Serrano Pepper IPA.  Of all we tasted the Double IPA stood out as being the best of the bunch. Good hop flavor and aroma, the double is something we would all try again. However the Serrano pepper ale, had a little pepper feel at the end but was a little to light for William 's taste. Corby liked the 

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